February 02, 2005

2/2 - January Sets Web Traffic Record

Not always certain who's checking in, but the volume of traffic continues to grow. In the beginning we were warned by certain "communications experts," that, "You're only going to get one shot at the public with your 'message', if you don't hook 'em immediately, you'll never find an audience." That's what's known as short attention span corporate type thinking which has sadly infected so much of the environmental world. The environment is different from corporations, and environmental thinking should be different. The idea of "shifting baselines" is going to be around, relevant, and important long after every major corporation of today has long since told their shareholders to go home. We don't know how long this project will run, but after two years its at its strongest point yet, as evidenced by the web traffic. Our busiest day so far was 947 visitors. This month we should have a day of over 1000 visitors.

Web traffic.jpg

Shifting the baselines upwards.

Posted by Randy Olson at February 2, 2005 11:24 AM

Tell me who those "communications experts" are so I can remember never to hire them for anything :-)

Congratulations on the growth!

Posted by: Jason Lefkowitz at February 3, 2005 12:25 PM