February 21, 2005

2/21 - Global Frickin' Headache: The endless carbon-ocean mess

Is it bad or is it good? Are we headed for a CO2 nightmare or is the system going to self-correct? Here's an article that says sulfur pollution from the cities makes sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere that liberates the iron held in dust particles making it available to phytoplankton when it hits the ocean causing blooms of phytoplankton that suck down CO2 from the atmosphere counter-balancing our excess production of CO2 and making everyone happy and peaceful.

How in the world is anyone supposed to figure out if there's "a crisis" in progress or not? It's an endless mess, but that's science.


The Carbon Cycle: See how simple it is!

Posted by Randy Olson at February 21, 2005 01:45 PM