February 22, 2005

2/22 - Ice on Planet Earth: Soon to be a thing of the past?

Just look at what the world's best climate scientists are saying. I suppose you can still argue with them, but it's an an awful lot of brain power you're going against. Here's an excerpt from the San Francisco Chronicle article:

"We were stunned by the similarities between the observations that have
been recorded at sea worldwide and the models that climatologists
made," said Tim Barnett of the University of California's Scripps
Institution of Oceanography. "The debate is over, at least for rational
people. And for those who insist that the uncertainties remain too
great, their argument is no longer tenable. We've nailed it."


Remember when there used to be these things on planet Earth?

Posted by Randy Olson at February 22, 2005 03:19 AM