March 01, 2005

3/1 - "Drop the snails and raise your hands!" California's first "Tidepool Cop"

Wish it were funnier than it is. Just talk to the old timers from La Jolla and Del Mar, California. They are in disbelief at how much ocean life has been stripped from the seashore. And look at this excerpt from the article yesterday in the Monterey Herald:

In Laguna Beach, tidepool violations are No. 1. In 2003, 28,025 potential tidepool violations were reported in Laguna Beach. In contrast, there were 11,000 calls about dangerous surfing, 4,000 complaints about dogs on the beach and 1,500 calls for public drunkenness.


New Rule: Steal a snail, go to jail.

Posted by Randy Olson at March 1, 2005 03:14 AM