March 31, 2005

3/31 - The definitive word on planetary health comes from WWF ... no, from the Millenium Assessment, no from . . . .

It's a frequent complaint from the public -- "why are there so many different voices, can't you people get together into a single voice." And I'm sure the answer from the defenders of environmentalism would be, "there is strength in diversity of voices." Whatever. Just a month or so ago WWF released its "Planetary Health Index" report. Now comes almost the exact same report from "The Millenium Assessment." Don't you kind of feel like the amount of resources that went into these two identical studies, if combined, could have produced something even greater? Or is that just unrealistic wishful thinking.


Going, going ... getting to be increasingly "gone"

Posted by Randy Olson at March 31, 2005 02:20 AM