November 28, 2006

11/28 - OK Go:  A dancing model for how to communicate effectively today using spontaneity

Careful, slow, cautious stodginess just doesn't work any more.  The media world is changing so rapidly there is only one way to deal with it, which is to have enough flexibility to be spontaneous and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.  Check out this great article about the band OK Go who kicked ass earlier this year by dancing across four treadmills.  The bottom line of the story is that NOBODY was certain of what they were doing, except they all knew instinctively they had to be open minded and follow their noses.  It's a valuable lesson for any sort of communication these days.


The band OK Go shows how blind enthusiasm can conquer the world today more effectively than sluggish timidity

Posted by Randy Olson at November 28, 2006 09:27 AM