February 27, 2006

2/28 - It's the Television, Stupid

Here's yet another poll showing that most Americans get their news, not from newspapers, magazines, or even on-line (and this includes even Gen Xers, believe it or not), but from TELEVISION. And so what, exactly, is the world of ocean conservation doing to take advantage of this knowledge on how the American public gets spoon fed information? The usual "not much."

By the way, have I mentioned lately the two great commercials we produced here that had huge national success, but when we presented them to the major foundations for further support we pretty much got a, "well gee, what did you do that for?" response. If you haven't heard about this, just stand by. In a few weeks it will resurface, attached to the upcoming news about my new "Flock of Dodos" film. It's going to be an interesting spring here at SB.


"Well, oz gunna read this here newspaper, but then that man on tv told a funny joke and his co-anchor shore is purdy."

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February 26, 2006

2/27 - If This Ain't Shifting Baselines: "Wow, we found a coral reef, and it's got FISH!"

Do you really think this article would be "news" twenty five years ago? Things have definitely changed.

News Flash 2025: Live Coral Head Found!

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February 22, 2006

2/21 - Scooping the Oceans: How the press are doing with ocean coverage

Here's a good article in Mother Jones, interviewing ocean reporter Christina Reed on her assessment of how good of a job the press is doing these days with the oceans. She mentions all the right names when it comes to our list of who's the best.

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February 21, 2006

2/20 - Trestles: A Major California Surf Break and Watershed That Shouldn't Be Damaged

We don't usually do big action alerts here (as a friend once said to me, "you're not an action group, you're more of a discussion group"), but this one is different. It's Trestles. One of the most famous surf breaks here in the world capitol of surfing. And its on the edge of a watershed, both of which are being threatened by a proposed new toll road. Surfrider is trying their best to protect the waves and wetlands. This is your chance to help them with this issue by clicking here.

Trestles: If this place can be destroyed, anywhere can

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February 12, 2006

2/13 - FORE! Coral reefs or golf balls, take your pick for the future of Guana Cay

Are we just old fashioned, or does the desire to choose nature over fairways make sense? There's a major struggle going on in the Bahamas where a golf course developer is trying to have his way. But do golf courses have an effect on the coastal environment? Ask the people around Malibu lagoon in California. They'll tell you.

Teed off in the Bahamas

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