December 17, 2006

12/18 -  Shame for China:  The white-fin river dolphin of the Yangtze goes extinct

The white-fin dolphin that inhabited China's Yangtze River for 20 million years is gone.  No more.  Adios.  Into the Extinct Species Hall of Fame.    

There could still be one or two surviving, but with the Yangtze becoming one big oxygen-depleted dead zone, the odds are slim.

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December 12, 2006

12/12 - Big Victories for U.S. Oceans:  An ocean double play last week in Congress

As most years go, this one has been relatively good for the oceans in congress.  In addition to defeating the #1 enemy of the oceans (California Representative Richard Pombo) last week congress reauthorized the major fishery bill (Magnuson-Stevens Act) and blocked attempts to reverse the national moratorium on new offshore oil and gas drilling.  The folks at Ocean Champions have a good summary of the victories.

There is hope for the oceans

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December 05, 2006

12/5 - Fish Wars:  A compelling new documentary: "One More Dead Fish"

Very few films have tried to capture the drama of lost livelihoods due to fisheries collapse.  Here's a new documentary, "One More Dead Fish," about the struggles of a group of Canadian fishermen in 1996 which looks excellent.  And here's where to order it.  

The future of commercial fishing?

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