March 22, 2005

3/22 - IMPAC 1: Aussies to host first MPA-palooza

While on the one hand we point out that the Sale et al. TREE paper last month (see blog post on 2/24) cautions against the "uncritical advocacy" of MPAs, we think its also important that American fishermen realize that MPAs are a "worldwide trend," as evidence by the plans for the first International MPA Congress. It's being organized for October in Geelong, Australia and they are expecting representatives of 65 -- that's SIXTY-FIVE -- nations to attend. Not saying that MPAs are right or wrong, just letting you know it is a major planetary trend you are looking at.

Impac1 AUST.jpg

MPAs: Definitely a trend, definitely worldwide.

Posted by Randy Olson at March 22, 2005 05:39 PM